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IRADAT KONSULTAN’s Employees Assistance Program (EAP) provides an organization with a dynamic and high quality range of services, which can include :

1.      Employee Communication Campaign.

Customized for each organization, is developed to promote understanding and use of the EAP. The campaign encourages employees to use the program in the early stages of a personal problem, before relationships or work performance are seriously damaged. It includes EAP orientation sessions, informational brochures, wellness workshops/seminars and other supporting materials such as newsletter articles.    


2.      Emergency Access 24-hour a day.

Our EAP services are available 24 hours a day via a telephone helpline for emergency situation. Immediate trauma or Critical Incident Support is also available 24 hours a day.


3.      Wide Coverage.

Our EAP provides confidential support to all employees and their family members (spouse and children). We also ask for managers, HR and Occupational Health staff to give support in the management of issues affecting the well-being of employees and the productivity of the organization.


4.      Telephone Counseling.

Experienced psychological counselors at our helpline are available to offer confidential telephone support to individuals and family members (employees’ spouse and children). During the calls, the counselors also assess the likely benefit of face to face counseling, risks affecting the individual, and the impact of the problem on work.


5.      Face to Face Counseling.

Typically up to 5 sessions of short-term, solution-focused counseling with psychologists and mental health counselors is available to assist employees to tackle their problems. The objective of psychological counseling is to enable the employees to resolve their problem and to gain coping strategies to enable them to deal with the problem more effectively. IRADAT KONSULTAN has selected and managed  psychological and mental health specialists who provide this face to face support within three days of employee’s initial call.


6.      Critical Incident Support Services.

Any business or organization can experience incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations. Some incidents are so serious that they can lead to fatalities. Other incidents such as a terrorist bomb or other terrorist attack, an accident  or natural disaster can have a huge impact on the workforce and the smooth running of the business. Employees, even those not present at the time of the incident, suddenly can have heightened feelings of vulnerability. Having an integrated Critical Incident Service in position may reduce the risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


7.      Program Evaluation.

We develop a system to monitor our EAP effectiveness, primarily through feedback from program users and utilization analysis. 

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